Our last day. Time for a short drive to Concord

..and the Minuteman National Historic Park.

One last perfect evening

Tomorrow we are flying home, directly from Boston to Munich.

By klausneutze

Leaving the Cape

Today we’re taking it extra easy. Relaxing in the garden,

taking a spin around the Cape,

a nice lunch and going back to John’s house.

By klausneutze


Today is July 4th. We are going to Provincetown for the parade.

Nice snack in a restaurant on the beach

and back to watch one of these stunning sunsets

By klausneutze

Going to the Cape

First things first. John and I driving our bikes to the BMW dealer for inspection. A 120 km drive. Sabine takes the Mercedes beauty and we all drive on to Orleans on the Cape.

We are stunned by the beauty of John’s place on the cape. What a place to relax. Seals swimming by, boats, eagles, and not far away at the beach: sharks.

A beer in the local brewery and then one of John’s famous dinners – this time with an equally stunning sunset.

By klausneutze

A Day Off

Today we do little. Some pool, losts of seafood (John preparing, us eating), and a badminton tournament. The trophy goes to Sabine.

By klausneutze

Back to John

Getting up in the morning and it is raining. Let’s have breakfast first and worry about rain gear for the short ride to the ferry, later. Sad we have to leave Nova Scotia, but glad we have another week of vacation left.

Coming into Portland harbour gives us some nice views again.

Yarmouth should adopt Portland’s trick to host cruise ships to put some more people in the streets in the evenings.

Plan is to go to the brewery for a flat bread dinner, but in the end we just have drinks and go for one of John’s famous dinners.


By klausneutze

Back to Yarmouth

The circle is closing. We are going back to Yarmouth.

First thing in the morning, Gordon finds us a place selling a fresh tire for me. John and I go there and have the best breakfast, ever.

What John didn’t tell us: There is Halls Habour and Captain Hall’s treasure chest

Again, we have a very nice drive along the coast and through the Annapolis Valley.

I have the real thing for Lunch. Digby Clams in Digby

We are all looking forward to a nice hotel, as we had on the way in. Alas, it is not to be. An instant boot beer helps us keep our spirits high.

We go out for a nice dinner at sunset

and some designer beer and ice cream

By klausneutze


Guess what this is

…fly fishing bait and the tools to make it

Today is trouble for John: Loosing a pannier while driving, 300 dollar fine for overtaking and low tire pressure. Lunch is more about trying then enjoying… Pouting is not going to be my favourite. The bone, btw, is for the dog.

Stop in Burnt Coat, where the world’s highest tides are. One inch (2.58 cm) rising per minute. We only see a little of it.

A minor shock when filling up gas – my rear tire is on its way out… The hotel doesn’t look too inviting, either.

… but we make the best out of the evening. Rye and Moose Head help.

By klausneutze


A nice 420km drive ahead of us to the old French settlement of Louisbourg.

An important part of our day – every day: Tim Hortons for coffee and cake

Besides really fast and bumpy driving, there is also some history to be seen.

The history is alive here. Even with authentic bread.

What do we do tonight?

and for dinner?

Walk through town

By klausneutze

Cabot Trail

Nova Scotia’s main attraction seems to be the Cabot Trail. We start early and expect tourists on the 350km trip, but find few (and even less coffee).

Neils Harbour – great seafood lunch

We do a little detour to Sandy Point – worth it

The northern tip, Meat Point, would be right for a coffee. Only, there is none. Instead there is one of the prettiest camp grounds I have ever seen.

We find the right coffee spot, just a little later.

Another nice stop along the road

and another

Boot beer and a nice dinner in the Harbour Shack

By klausneutze