Day 9 – around Col de l Izoard

Distance / Time Hotel Alternatives Highlights
354 km
5:59 h
same Refuge Napoleon Uncharted gravel road

  • Col de l Izoard
  • Col de Vars
  • Col de la Bonette
  • Col de Raspaillon
  • Col de Valberg
  • Col des Champs
  • Col d Allos
  • Col de Vars, again
  • Col de l Izoard, again

1. Izoard
see Day 8

2. Vars

first 1:15 of video

3. Bonette
Highest open mountain pass in the Alps – was closed last year

There is a gravel road going from here – might be difficult. High mountain terrain… …internet is not very clear about the difficulty and how far you can get.

Road said to have some big stones – some visible in the video

4. Rapaillon
No real pass, just a high point touched by the road

5. Valberg
Loneliest place on earth…

6. Col de Champs
7. Col de Allos
0:10-1:00 min on this video, but other direction

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