Day 8 – Col de l Izoard

Distance / Time Hotel Alternatives Highlights
296 km
4:59 h
Refuge Napoleon Col Izoard
3x double room incl. Breakfast and Dinner
2 nights 690,-Eur
  • Col de Proncel
  • Col de St. Alexis
  • Col de Menee
  • Col du Prayet
  • Col St-Sebastien pres Mens
  • Col de Rioupes
  • Col du Noyer
  • Col de l Izoard
  • Refuge Napoleon

1. Col de Proncel
german text only
2. Col de St. Alexis
german text only
3. Col de Menee

4. Col du Prayet

5. Col St-Sebastien pres Mens
german text only

6. Col de Rioupes

7. Col du Noyer

8. Col de l Izoard

Izoard is at 1:20 min in below video


9. Refuge Napoleon

The hotel is at 1:00 min in above video and 1:40min in the first one

By klausneutze

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