Day 2 – Around Livigno

Distance / Time Hotel Alternatives Highlights
408 km
7:37 h
same We are flexible – this is a proposal, only
  • Passo d Eira
  • Passo di Foscagno
  • Umbrailpass
  • Stilfser Joch (North to South – the nice route)
  • Passo della Foppa
  • Passo dell Aprica
  • Berninapass
  • Albulapass
  • Julierpass
  • Bernina
  • Forcola di Livigno

1. Passo d Eira and Foacagno
Just exiting Livigno, the tax free haven (not) part of Italy

2. Umbrailpass
Went it as part of Round the Alps – good fun

.. the beginning of the film is Stilfser Joch North – we’ll take it the other way

3. Stilfser Joch
Also on the video

4. Foppa, Aprica
Going into Switzerland and either straight back to the room or another spin across Albula and Bernina. We can cut out a half hour dropping these 2 and go from Bormio to Tirano directly. If we do the whole tour, it will be a fairly long day…

5. Bernina
Classic swiss mountain pass. To be seen in the 1st minute of this video

6. Albula

7. Julier

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