Day 1 – Livigno


Distance / Time Hotel Alternatives Highlights
5:28 h
Appartamenti Nevegali
2x 45 sqm 1 bedroom + living room apartment
No cancellation without cost – prepayment immanent
2 nights 276,- Eur 81,-Eur paid up front
drop Norberthoehe, Reschenpass and Ofenpass
save 44 km and 20 minutes
  • Autobahn Garmisch
  • Kochelsee
  • Fernpass
  • Pillerhoehe
  • Norberthoehe
  • Reschenpass
  • Ofenpass
  • Tunnel into Livigno

1. Kochelsee
Kesselberg – the perfect road for motorbikes. Unfortunately used as race track by many and thus closed on weekends. We’ll go on a monday, but have to observe the speed limit. Sticking to 60km + x will give us enough of a race feeling in the hairpins.

2. Fernpass
An easy pass with some nice little lakes. This picture seems a little pimped up, though.

3. Pillerhoehe

4. Reschenpass

5. Ofenpass

Some more things we can do around here:


Juliepass and Via Mala

By klausneutze

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