Day 1 – Mauthen

Distance km Time h:mm Hotel Alternatives
Min Max Min Max Name booked
255 295 4:18  5:28 Ferienwohnungen Berger

60 sqm 2 bedroom + kitchen

yes, cancel by 24.Aug92 Eur
  1. Straight
  2. Grossglockner
  3. Stranigeralm

1. Straight

Small roads to Rosenheim.
Up the Inn river to Kufstein.
Via Kitzbuehl to Pass Thurn. In Mittersill either Felberntauerntunnel or alternative 2.

2. Grossglockner
Although a 40km detour, it will take us at least 2 hours. The toll road was build as a panorama road for tourists. It takes you right up to the glacier. Will need many photo stops.

Videos from test run

  1. Oberbayern 
  2. Grossglockner 


Evening Loops possible:

2 hours to Stranigeralm – back same way or via Ploeckenpass



91 km – 2.5 hours Stranigeralm back via Nassfeldpass




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Day 2 – Klausen

Distance Time Hotel Alternatives
Min Max Min Max Name booked
227  350  4:44  6:00 Hotel Schmuckhof

55 sqm 2 bedroom apartment

Yes, cancel by 2.Sep

130 Eur

  1. Straight
  2. Sella Ronda

1. Straight

Ploeckenpass into Italy,

then a very small road to Monte Zoncolan.


Through the eastern part of the Dolomites, Passo Tre Croci, Passo di Giau, Colle Santa Lucia, Passo di Campolongo, Groedner Joch


2. Sella Ronda

As time permits, we have dozens of passes to choose from incl. the Sella Ronda. We decide as we go.



Falzarego is one of them

Hotel in Klausen. Have a nice Pizza and beer from the local brewery – very nice.


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Day 3 – Livigno

Distance Time Hotel Alternatives
Min Max Min Max Name booked
215  315  4:46  5:03  Appartamenti Baita Lumaca

75 sqm 2 Bedroom Aparment with Terrace

 booked – cancel any time?

130 Eur

  1. Straight
  2. Stilfser Joch

1. Straight

Mendelpass and through upper Trentino.


Passo Gavia – with a 100m deviation to the old road


One of various ways to get to Livigno – a neutral, tax free zone between Italy and Switzerland.

2.Stilfser Joch

This is the Queen of all mountain passes in the Alps. The most hair pins and difficult to drive. We need to see if / how we go about it an extra 100km 1:50h.





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Day 4 – Riederalp

Distance Time Hotel Alternatives
Min Max Min Max Name booked
329  356  5:47  6:12 B&B Zurschmitten110 sqm 3 Bedroom Cancel before 25.Aug200 CHF
  1. Via Mala
  2. Nufenen Pass
  3. Tremola

1. Nufenen Pass

Into Switzerland and across the Bernina Pass.


St. Moritz and Silvaplana. Down Maloja Pass and back into Italy.



Back into Switzerland and across Spluegenpass. We will have to pay some 40 Eur toll for Swiss motorways  we cannot avoid.

We can then either go through Via Mala (faster by 0:45h) or across the Nufenen pass.

2. Via Mala

A narrow gorge of the Rhein river. Pretty fast road – but speeding is NOT a good idea.


3. Tremola
We can take the Tremola. Hairpins almost stacked vertically – cobble stones and pretty view.

From the top, we have to take the new road, perhaps we’ll find the old road in between…



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Day 5 – Oulx

Distance Time Hotel Alternatives
Min Max Min Max Name booked
383  440  8:08  9:30 Hotel Chez Toi

70 sqm 2 bedroom penthouse apartment

Cancel by arround

27.Aug130 Eur


2.Colle delle Finestre

1. Straight

Swiss Autobahn through the Rhone valley. Then across Grand St. Bernard

and Petit St. Bernard into France. Grabbing the Route Grandes Alpes.

Col du Mont Cenis – looking a bit like Scotland (at least during the rain I had in June)

2. Colle delle Finestre

One of the very few gravel passes open to traffic in the Alps. Nothing difficult, but I have felt lost when I first got there…

If we can afford the extra hour and a half, we should do it.


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Day 6 – Jausiers

Distance Time Hotel Alternatives
Min Max Min Max Name booked
116 3:00  0  Chateau des Magnans

50 sqm 2 bedroom Duplex Appartment

 yes, cancel by 9.Sep

219,30 Eur ( 2 night)

  1. Straight
  2. Galibier

1. Straight

Going down Col de Montgenevre and towards Briancon – a huge fortress

Col de I Izoard is a bit of a race track 🙂 and has some of the most spectacular scenery.

Last but not least acrossing Col de Vars. Down here, even the stretches between passes are nice.

2. Galibier

From Briancon, we can go to Col du Galibier

and try some gravel towards Col de Rochilles – this is a dead end and seems to get more and more difficult as you go. There is said to be 25% gradient. I only tried the first piece, as I was alone, there was nobody else and I wanted to play it safe.

100 km – 2 hours

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Day 7 – Jausiers – day off

Distance Time Hotel Alternatives
Min Max Min Max Name booked
 300  400 all day same same 1. Straight

2. Grand Canyon du Verdon

1. Straight

As we are staying in the heart of the French Alps, we can do what we want, e.g.

Col de la Bonette (the highest in the Alps)


Gorges du Cians and Daluis

and a mix of Col des Champs, Cabane du Laus, Col de la Cazolle, Col d Allos – we have to find out which roads are open…

2. Grand Canyon du Verdon

Couple of hours (110 km 1:45 from Castellane). This Canyon is the biggest in Europe. There is a panorama road on the north and south rim – nice.

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Day 8 – Torazza

Distance Time Hotel Alternatives
Min Max Min Max Name booked
300  350  6:40  8  Casa Toto

80 sqm Appartment 2 bedroom 1 living room

 cancel by 14.Sep

110 Eur

1. Straight

Crossing Col de la Bonette (again) and crossing on a very small pass into Italy: Col de la Lombarde.

There is a tunnel crossing back into France, but around the tunnel is the most spectacular gravel road. It is only not clear if it will be open. I suggest we try from the north and may have to turn round and take the tunnel. Let’s see.

We can then go along the coast, which is normally very tedious. Too much traffic. … but we can switch to the motor way when we are fed up. We are staying in a place probably only 5 km from the water front, but the roads are so winding, it may well be 20 km drive.

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Day 9 – Padua

Distance Time Hotel Alternatives
Min Max Min Max Name booked
460  6:30 120 sqm suite 320 Eur

1. Straight

More of the Ligurian coast – densely populated yet very small roads with many curves. Across the Apennine mountains. On the last stretch we’ll take the motor way. We have a place in the heart of Padua, a vibrant city. this is Bologna – Padua will be similar

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Day 10 – Padua/Venice

Distance Time Hotel Alternatives
Min Max Min Max Name booked
 118  1:30  Casa Valentini Terrani

2 double rooms

Cancel by 14.Sep

126 Eur

1. Straight

All motor way. Getting to Padua mid morning and taking the train to Venice.

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